Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fever Panic

I never really know what to do with high temperatures, I never know when I am meant to panic and when to just give some Calpol and rock my baby to sleep. On my many outings to many hospitals last week one of the doctors gave me this little letter all about fevers and what to do, so I had to share.


What can I do to lower my child's fever?

  • Undress the child and remove all blankets (please note: shivering is generally a response to high fever, do not cover child with blankets!)
  • Place child in a lukewarm bath and allow the child to play in the water for 10 minutes. DO NOT LEAVE THE CHILD UNATTENDED!
  • If no bath is available, sponge your child down with lukewarm water, taking care to sponge the following area's:
  1. Arm pits
  2. Groin area
  3. Chest
  4. Forehead
  • Cool room by using a fan or opening windows. Do not allow fan to blow directly onto the child.
  • The child can be dressed in light summer clothes.
  • Give medication only as prescribed by your treating doctor.

    Emergency Room IMMEDIATELY:

    • Persistent fever that does not respond to temperature lowering measures
    • Seizures/ convulsions/ fits
    • Refusing to drink fluids (it is not unusual for the sick child to have a loss of appetite)
    • Decreased level of responsiveness
    • Child becomes "floppy"

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