Monday, July 16, 2012

Survival Kit

My looks have taken a great knock since I had Aiden not because of the weight I put on, I was a lucky one and never gained much, not even because my kid sucked the beauty out of me, its all probably still there, sometimes I just feel, unattractive and sometimes old.

Its ridiculous I know, I'm 24 and shouldn't feel this way, I just don't have time and when it comes to the time when I do have a moment to straighten my hair or put on heels, I couldn't be bothered.

So I have tweaked and modified my beauty regime to suit my new life style, I have found new ways to keep me pretty, even on the bad days and I do it in record time. Its in the little details that make you still feel like you and keep you remembering you are more than a mother.

Here's my survival kit.

·     Dry Shampoo - Treseme has a spray for straight hair and a mousse for curly, if you straighten your hair you can make it last a whole extra day, maybe 2 before having to wash it!
·     2-in-1 Foundation - I use Charlie, I think its the cheapest version, its a cream powder, so its base and powder in one and takes 2 minutes to apply and looks amazing.
·     I paint my toe nails - I rarely paint my finger nails unless its a wedding as a week later its always chipped and manky and a week later its probably still on coz taking it off never seems to happen. Toe nails don't chip really and if it does wear closed shoes, it makes you feel all girly with half the work.
·     Bennets Aqueous Bathtime drops - I got them for my baby shower, never used them Aiden but I always put them in my bath, I still put cream on most of the time but for those days when Aiden won't allow it, this magic solution keeps your skin soft, for reals, especially in winter, and its not oily at all.
·     Vaseline - best lip ice and longest lip gloss around.
·     Lip stainer - lasts most of the day
·     PJs that look like a tracksuit - I got these new PJ's from Mr Price that look like a tracksuit, Aidens school is down the road and I work from home and at 6.45am I would rather have 10minutes more sleep. So yes I drop Aiden off in my PJ's but no one knows.

I'm learning how to balance this thing called motherhood, slowly but surely I am nailing down little things that make the world of difference.

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