Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hospital Round 3, 30, 300

I hate hospitals, sick babies are my new pet peeve and I'll never moan about being home all the time again. The last week has been one straight out of probably any mothers worst nightmare and I barely survived.

Aiden started getting sick last Sunday already and his temp was high but manageable. I never want to be one of those moms who freak out over spilt milk and rush to the hospital for every bump and fever. I now will be ones of those moms with pride and my new policy is 'rather safe than sorry.'

Monday and Tuesday I kept A home from school as he seemed off but not too bad, on Tuesday I went off to get a tattoo with my two better halves (own post all together), and when I came back, I came back to a very hot baby. Like, 39 hot and I couldn't break the fever.

So off to the Clinton Clinic we go, thank you doctor on duty for overlooking everything, you could have stopped a lot of sickness and pain. He did a one, two and said A had a respiratory infection and gave him some meds.

My sick little monster

Sleeping off the medicine
Wednesday evening comes and A's temp jumped to 40 and I couldn't break it and he started having convulsions and his eyes started rolling back. So off to the Union hospital we go, thank you to the doctor who actually treated my son but you should have admitted him and not made us wait 2 hours just to see you. After blood work and x-rays and lots of embarrassing sobbing she said A had a Bacterial Infection but should be fine. New meds, another day.

Two very exhausted individuals
We got there at 8pm, this is when we saw the doctor

Boredom sets in

My sick angel
 By Friday my little angel was looking worse, temps still ranging between 39 - 40 and he started having convulsions, so off to our paediatrician in Benoni at the Linmed hospital we go, thank God for good doctors who don't care for anything but the well-being of their patients.

He immediately admitted Aiden, and all the tests were re-done. Of course this sent me into panic mode, my parents were away, I would be stuck in Benoni, my sister would be home alone for the first time, and I wouldn't have much help.

Luckily I have surrounded myself with the best of best people and my friends came to our rescue and were there for Aiden and I the whole time.

Start of day 3

End of day 3

Our little cage

The coolest penguin in the world

What I was supposed to sleep on
What I squeezed on with Aiden


Tired as shit
Home and rested


  1. There is really nothing worst than being in hospital with a baby. Glad all is well now

  2. its horrid when they sick, horrid if the doctors are useless and horrid if you actually dont know what to do.

    Sorry Jess, i know i have the control the fever philosophy, but my kids have never been mis-treated by a doctor, so i've been fortunate not to have to deal with a baby in hospital.

    cant beleive that they would mis-diagnose him twice tho.

  3. Hospital stays are my pet hate too!

    I'm glad you guys are home now and Aiden is better.