Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hospital Round....I don't even know anymore

I've been thrown off balance once again and I'm thinking maybe I should just stay the over-tired, zombie, neurotic mother as it always seems to land up going that way anyways. On Saturday night Aiden ended up being rushed to hospital at 11pm because he sounded like Darth Vadar, wouldn't lie down and coughing like a 80 year old smoker. By 2am they had diagnosed him with Croup and decided that they had to admit him. Now Croup isn't in the chest it's an infection in your throat and causes the throat to swell and the only way to treat it is with nebulising with steroids to reduce swelling and basically wait it out.

I didn't go to my usual hospital out on the other side of the world so we were admitted into the Union hospital which isn't high on my list of great care. The hospital is old so it seems dirty or maybe it just is but there service is terrible and they don't give a flying fark about the mothers so the two nights I spent in there was a hundred times worse than the five I spent in Linmed.

Got to see a doctor at casualties


This is the calm face before the stormy screams


Kicked mom off our bed

Look at that belly

The only way he would sleep

New sleeping position

Finally in a cot on the morning we leave

Don't I look lovely

That was our bed, Aiden would only sleep on me!


  1. Ivy has to have a pillow or something next to her face to fall asleep, something she can snuggle into. Then she cries for a bit but usually goes to sleep within 5 minutes or so. Does Aiden have a blanket that he likes? Or just use a pillow from your bed that smells like you and put it right up close to his one side... gotta try everything... I know :-) x

  2. Not fun :-( when my son was around one year old they had me start him on dairy-milk namely. I was in the ER about once a month. They wouldn't say if he was allergic, but I switched him to soy (organic to avoid pesticides) and his bouts lessened. Don't know if this helps. We also got a breathing machine from the hospital to bring home, Medicaid covered it. It kept me out of the ER and my Dr. Was good about letting me page him late at night. I don't like hospitals either-germs.
    Both of my kids preferred sleeping with me, and since there was no one in the bed to complain I opted for it so we could we could rest better. Co-sleeping has been shown to really help throughout life for relationships so don't let that one worry you too much! We are the only country to leave kids alone at the scariest time of day: night.
    You are doing a great job-this too shall pass, promise!!! Try to take each moment as a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine so much love for yourself and him that looking back you say, "wow-that might have been rough, but I felt the good in my loving heart.". It's rough when you're exhausted, but it just is-it's all good-just like you. Sorry it took a while to find the post, my leg surgery has slowed me down a bit :-) but getting back up to speed now.
    Hugs, love and faith in you-it's all wonderful and you can trust yourself. What a loving wonderful mom you are!!!
    Best place to be as a little one? On you!!! Love, Christina

  3. Croup is horrendously scarey - and the description of sounding like Darth Vader is very accurate.

    My daughter had a dose of it when she was about 18 months - she went from perfectly fine to turning blue in a matter of minutes.

    I can still remember the white knuckled drive to the hospital.

    She was treated and I was amazed at how quickly she recovered. We had one incident of it, my other two have never had it, but freak it is scarey.

    And being in hospital with a baba is no picnic!! I think it shaves off 5 years of our lives with every night we are there. Dreadful - shame man, rough for you two.

  4. (((((((((((((HuGS)))))))))))))))
    I know all about croup! Dudie had it when just over a year old. We spent a 4nights in hospital.
    Hope it passes soon.

  5. Shame man :( How horrible for you both!!

    (((hugs)) and strength!!