Monday, October 8, 2012

Aiden got his first haircut :(

Aiden has really nice hair and for some strange reason something told me I had to get it cut. His hair was messy, and stood in every direction but I loved it and now I don't. I won't be cutting it again for a while, he'll be one of those kids with a good mop on his head because I hate boys with short, back and sides.

Any ways he loved the process, loved the car he sat in and was pretty good for the cut. I even got a certificate for his first hair cut and a few pieces of his locks. I'm still sad though.

See look at that hair, so cute

See it's all gone :'(

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  1. I cried when i cut Calum's hair for the first time. And i cried the second and third time too...

    I also havent cut Coel's hair yet. i have "trimmed" the back and sides.but i refuse to cut his locks off the top. there's something about un-babying them when you cut their hair.

    :( i understand friend