Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fighting Germs

Close your eyes and imagine this word.


You didn't imagine it, you smelt it, right.

It was used on every scrap and cut we got as children not only in my home but in all my friends homes. It's always a must have in any home and always believed it to be the best antiseptic product on the market.

Lately I have noticed Dettol every where, with a lot of different products for sale, I have never bought any other product because I have always thought of that smell and worried that's what all their product would smell like.

Silly thinking.

The lovely team over at Dettol sent me over a hamper filled with there Dettol Daily Care soap bars, some boxing gloves to fight off germs and a beautiful fluffy white gown. I've got everyone in my household using the Dettol soap and passed some along to friends to try out.

Their responses were all the same, "It smells so good!"

I'm finniky when it comes to soap as I have sensitive skin and I can honestly say this soap is really soft on the skin and foams so much A is covered like a snowman when I use it on him, foam is good, foam is always good when it comes to soap.

So that's my soap talk, I'm going to go carry on making Dettol memories for A, more scraps and cuts and lots of dirt to wash off this evening.

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