Monday, October 29, 2012

What I Love

So this year I joined the Blogger Secret Santa and we've been asked to do a post on what we love. You still have time to join us and you don't have to be a blogger and it will be fun and who doesn't love getting presents and giving presents and waiting for presents and and only really need one reason, it's Christmas, get into the spirit already!


  • BIRDS, not real live birds, I'm not sure why, this obsession filled my heart a few years ago and my collection is growing.
birds birds birds



  • HEARTS, all you need is love right.
heart felt

Ceramic hearts

Love this

  • Tea, we don't have family braai's we have family tea's thus my love for tea pots
Tea Pots

Stacked Tea Pots

tea pots

  • Strange love for stationery
Business cards

@Jessie Mckay - we need this

  • Anything old or looks old, your crap is probably my treasure
All sorts

i wonder what this actually is. maybe a brooch? Its lovely against the green.

plate styling by eva lindh

My favourite colour is green or silver, I love to write and always have space for another journal, I'm photo crazy and scrapbook every moment of life, I'm very feminine, love florals and lace, costume jewellery is the best but I don't wear earrings and you can always style kitsch into something worthy. 

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