Thursday, October 4, 2012

My child's been taken over by an alien

A & I camping on his floor.

I never thought in a million years I would utter the words, I love being a mom, maybe that isn't the right words, I love being Aiden's mom, I love my son and he keeps me smiling especially on the bad days.

Even with all the crappy times that comes with motherhood, it really is the best thing I've ever done and I would never change it even if sent a magic lamp, okay maybe his father would change (low blow I know)

However the last two weeks have been my second round of teething. A is getting his two top teeth and honestly during teething, my thought process of I love being Aiden's mother goes into, "I wish crèche was seven days a week, including nights!"

This time around he didn't projectile vomit on me, him and my bedding every night, no runny tummy either but man my son is a terror. I don't even recognise him. He is a complete whining, moaning and unfriendly creature and sleep is just not on his to-do list any more.

The last two nights Aiden and I have been sleeping on his bedroom floor with the door closed, that way when he wakes up to play, scream and attack me, he has a whole room to play in safely and when he's done he comes and sleeps next to me again.

Sounds crazy I know, but when A's teething he won't sleep in his cot so I awake to him sitting on my side tables happily throwing all my shit off, or he is playing with my hair and sometimes sticking his finger up my nose, he's always one step away from trying to be Superman and jumping off the bed so I thought maybe until the second tooth cuts it would be safer to just camp out on the floor.

Next round of teething I am planning on going away, my mom will just wake up to a child on her floor with a note saying, "See you soon!"

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  1. Oi, the things we do as mothers. Hang in there... It does get better... I think :-)