Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sex etc - A Religious post

For those who don't know I am a Christian, an unconventional Christian but I am a Christian non the less. To say that out loud sometimes isn't always wise as some people take a hundred steps back from you and immediately label you as judgemental and boring and I know this as I once labelled church goers and heavy Christians as judgemental and boring, I can't speak for your experiences or view points I can only speak about mine and from that I can stand and say the not judgemental, they far from boring and that stereotype is wrong.

When I fell pregnant I lost everything, friends, my dream career, my boyfriend and my love for life. I was so bored and so lonely I started going to church with my parents on Sunday morning, obviously keeping my pregnancy hidden as I knew I would never be accepted.

Wrong there to, a bunch of the youth leaders opened there arms and stood by me through my pregnancy and now are some of my closest friends, they care about me and more importantly they care about my son and I take great pride and it gives me great peace that my son will grow up around a great group of loyal and honest men.

A few of us are getting together once a week and going through a series called "Sex etc", whether you married, single or on the hunt, I would suggest it, you can download it here - Sex etc. Even after all I had been through with them I was still nervous to delve into this subject on a personal level and talk about my thoughts on the subject but once again proven wrong.

The point of this post is, I never looked at sex or marriage in this light before and I never realised how serious it was. Now having Aiden and him growing up in a broken home was an eye opener and I realised why God made that rule, but it's so much more than that and I wish the world hadn't made it just a game, just an appetite to feed and just something people do. I wish it wasn't so easy for people to walk out of marriages and hurt people they supposed to love, I wish the word 'family' meant more to people, I wish less children had to be collateral damage in adults escapades and I wish these things not for you to see or feel bad, I don't even expect anyone to understand, I simply wish I saw these things before, I wish I understood a long time ago but wishing doesn't change anything but choices from now can change my future.


  1. "Now having Aiden and him growing up in a broken home was an eye opener and I realised why God made that rule" Aiden's home is not broken, it is unconventional I guess but not broken. He has a mommy that loves and adores him and grand parents who are there for him for me that does not sound like a broken home! God forgives us for our sins and we should do the same.

    Isaiah 43:25 "I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more."

    Great post I will taking a look Sex Etc. xxx

  2. I completely Agree with Anita.

    I dont know if you know this, im a Pastor's kid... grew up in a very "NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE" home, and still i had a baby out of wedlock. Calum was 7 months old when Et and i got married.

    God does forgive us our sins and he makes it as if they never happened. we just need to get to a point where we forgive ourselves. Our children out of wedlock are not mistakes though, God has a purpose for them being on this earth.

    Also going to take a look at this Sex etc thing.

    once again, well done, you are doing a great job.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you.