Monday, October 24, 2011

Aiden's Baby Bash

I do know why baby showers are normally calm events with a few friends and family because wow at 8 months pregnant, 80 people, so much food and so much talking really tires you out. I was finished for days after but it was worth every moment and every penny.

I have to firstly thank my amazing mother, how she deals with me and puts up with my demands and wants is beyond me and she really should get the best mommy award ever! She politely sent me away the night before and worked her ass off to give me the best baby shower ever and she succeeded a hundred times over and beyond.

Then of course my fabulous sister and D's mom and sister and Ashley and Kaylee.

It was a great day filled with my favourite people, great food, lots of candy and lot's of love and spoiling.


  1. It looks like one of the best babyshowers ever. The food, the decor, all the different colours....very very cool :)
    Well done to your mom and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!

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  3. Oh my soul look at all those sweets!!!!!!

    Stunning :) Well done to everyone who contributed!