Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lovely Things

Aiden and I got really, really spoilt at my baby bash, I really didn't want to open presents at my baby shower because people get bored and it takes forever and I wanted to spend time with my friends and family. However I didn't seem to have a choice... I was exhausted after and missed time with people who couldn't stay long and in the end I was opening them for myself because nobody was actually watching.

I think this was hour 1....

I think he's wishing I was old fashioned and he didn't have to be doing this...

Have you ever seen a man smile about opening a winnie-the-pooh brush set....

Besides from having doing what I didn't want to do, I got amazing things, here are some of my favourite.

My lovely uncle and aunt got me the mobile of all mobiles, it plays Bach and Mozart and has all the most amazing colours!

Natasha got me this awesome Bambino Bath Ring, don't know how I'm going to wait 6 months to put Aiden in it. Definitely one of the best things about falling pregnant has been meeting and getting to know Tash.

I got a lot of blankets, but this Red Snoppy blanket is definitely my favourite.

My mom has started my favourite childrens author Dr. Seuss collection, she even got me 
"Oh,the places you'll go" - don't you just love my mother.

Most of these fabulous things come from Tash, she gave me a goodie bag full of awesomeness, in this pic are Perfumed Nappy bags - anything that hides the smell of shit are worth more than gold to me, disposable bibs - genius, dummy safety pin thing - I have watched all my friends frantically look for the dummy that just fell out of there babies mouth...a hundred times...I think I might go buy them all one, little dummies for my newborn, a silicone tooth brush to wash his gums - not sure if I need it or will use it but I love the packaging,  same packaging - it's like a dummy, with a net and you put say a orange inside then he can chew on it without choking and get used to new flavours, smart thinking. 

My baby bag - once again you have to love my mother. It's pretty and so smart and so not baby blue with Winnie-the-Pooh Poo.

It has a portable changing mat.

It came with blanket and a bottle bag and a dummy bad and a medical aid bag and a bag for dirty clothes and bibs and a pouch to keep medical history and notes, and so many compartments inside it would make your head dizzy with organisation... it made my head dizzy, I need my mom to teach me how to pack it, I normally have a big hole in my bag and chuck everything in.

I love my lovely favourite things.


  1. You got some awesome gifts Jess. That baby bag is divine!!!

    I'll be sending your tracking number next week . I need to get my package to you before Aiden arrives so I hope he stays put until the c-section :)

  2. Ag honey! So glad you liked the goodies. You got amazing things and it was the best shower that I've ever been to! It's been awesome getting to know you too special xx

  3. LOVE that mobile - I wish we had one for Jack - I made him one eventually :)

    My big kids LOVE "The places you'll go" :)

    You got some amazing gifts there chick!