Monday, October 10, 2011

Questions with Answers

I normally have questions, well today I have some answers. Maybe there is one or two of my readers going through the same thing as me and I can share some of the things I learned today. Maybe it will be just interesting to know and maybe I can save you some money and if you need a lawyer, I'll happily pass on info on a really good one and a really nice one to.

So here are some answers:

  1. Surname - it makes NO difference whose surname the child takes, it gives the parent no more rights, they can't take your child out the country without the other parents permission and if there is a custody battle in the future they don't get bonus points, basically you can name your child Daffy Nicompoop and it doesn't mean anything but that you gave your child a shitty name.
  2. New law - both parents have 50% parental responsibility and access to child, meaning, you can't stop a willing parent access from your child even if he doesn't pay you maintenance, its not about you it's about the child, children need love more than shoes, I guess.
  3. You can however fight for maintenance.
  4. Maintenance is for your child and not to screw over a man.
  5. You don't have to let your child sleep over for the first 2 years and longer if it's proven your child isn't ready. (If no bond with father exists)
  6. The whole one week with father and one week with the mother really only applies with older children and when they can pretty much choose to live that way.
  7. In no way, unless you are a heroin addict and clearly unfit can a man win "permanent residence" of the child.
  8. A mother can't leave the country without permission but you can change cities.
  9. If you can prove the man has a crazy girlfriend who is a possible threat you can limit access and even only give supervised access but cannot completely stop access until something actually happens.
  10. D is a good man but is "Romantically Unstable" (Been trying to describe him for months)
  11. I was not stupid to be nice and forgiving it's best for the child and there is nothing I can do about D wanting to be there, being a bitch will get me no where.
  12. I'm probably going to fight with D and hate him sometimes but keeping it out of court is smart and saves money.
When I remember more I'll let you know, my pregnancy brain is in full force at the moment but all in all, it was a good day and I feel a lot better about everything. 

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