Thursday, October 20, 2011

I want him out

Okay so for the last 4 days I have done NOTHING, accomplished NOTHING and attempted to do NOTHING and I must say I am getting rather good at doing NOTHING. I've probably slept more hours than I have been awake and Aiden's room is still covered in gifts that I don't even know where or how to pack away. I need a system that works for me as I am one of those people who always leave cupboard doors and drawers open and never close boxes with lids. I like open organisation.

This is what I have to turn into a functioning system....YIKES!

In between delaying the process of going through that wonderful mess and beautiful things I received I have been researching ways to start labour. I was over the pregnant thing the day I found out I was pregnant so as a lot of you will protest my curiosity and the danger in some methods, you must of expected this one to come sooner or later.

  1. Basil - my favourite herb and seriously doubting this one but I am going to be eating basil this weekend, just in case. 
  2. Walking - I must say it makes my belly really hard and causes a hell of a lot of pain and literally puts me to sleep, baby however no.
  3. Coffee - not inducing but supposed to bring pre-mature labour, I officially crush that myth, I have been drinking coffee everyday, yes I cut down but still drink it and I am hitting 38 weeks on Monday, and that's officially full term baba.
  4. Sex - I'm single, lets not even talk about it.
  5. Nipple stimulation - it produces some hormone that causes contractions, every 15-30 minutes for 7 hours, as I mentioned I am single and somehow finding stimulating my own nipples for so long - odd.
  6. Castor oil - I heard really works, I am a naff when it comes to getting things down so probably wouldn't get very far and a friend of mine tried it and ended up in hospital, not for labour for gastro and was in for 4 days violently ill.
* If you wondering where the pictures are of the baby bash, I seriously am working on it. Transferring raw into jpeg is one thing, getting Photoshop to open to do that is another, getting someone to help is useless and still waiting on people to send me the copies of theirs from the day.


  1. Ooohh that is such an awesome picture full of baby funness!

    1) Throw all the size newborn and 0-3 months stuff in the washing machine right now with your baby washing powder and extra-gentle sta-soft, as well as any blankets, burpcloths, etc you'll be using for the first 3 months. (Caution - you'll use a lot of them). That will get that out the way for the moment while you sort the rest out.

    2) Put nappies, bum cream, baby powder, wipes, body cream etc into a top drawer or something close to the changing table where you can reach them without taking a single step or let go of Aiden.

    3) Put one thing of baby wash, baby oil and cotton wool into the bathroom (or wherever you'll bath him), as well as any towels you have for him.

    4) Everything that's left - pack into those two bottom drawers. You won't need them for a while and you can root through them later, as you need and feel like it.

    Sister Carin recommended eating chilli to help start labour for me. I ate (hot, homemade) curries every day for a whole weekend but it still didn't help. You can also try to drink rasberry leaf tea (i think?) as it it supposed to soften the cervix. That said, he will come out when he is ready, and I eventually had to be induced. Really though? Enjoy the last few moments of being able to sit down whenever you feel like it.

    ps. Have you packed your hospital bag yet? ;)

  2. I remember how irritated I got at the end of both my pregnancies and I just wanted my body back. I also tried all sorts of weird and wonderful things to start labour but nothing worked unfortunately. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you go into labour asap.

    In the meantime enjoy doing nothing. Sleep is a rare commodity when baby arrives so sleep whenever you want to and don’t feel bad about it.

  3. I remember the days when doing nothing was absolutely exhausting. I certainly don't miss them :)

    Get your best friend or your sister into Aiden's nursery, sit comfortably and delegate. Claire's guidelines are perfect, but get someone to help you

  4. I did the castor oil with my first - good grief, it was the most repulsive thing ever... gave me VIOLENT stomach cramps... but, it did work and I had a show the next morning.