Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have reached a blank, seriously, I don't even feel human anymore. I'm so tired and overwhelmed and hot and fat that I can't think straight anymore.

In 4 and a half week I am having Aiden.

  • I'm scared and nervous and excited and numb and so not ready for whats to come.

In 2 days I am having a HUGE baby shower.

  • I have only half packed half of the Thank you gifts.
  • I still have 30m of bunting to run through a sewing machine (it will be done on Saturday, just in case you loosing faith in me)
  • My house looks like a colourful assortment of all things bright and beautiful, the floor is starting to disappear.
  • People are coming to put up a marquee in our back yard tomorrow, and the 40 chairs will be coming for the 80 asses.
  • Right now I'm either going to be wearing a black bag or going commando because this week I have turned into a watermelon and basically a black bag is all that will fit and commando sounds the most comfortable.
  • I have to leave Saturday morning and give up my control to all the other woman in my life and only arrive for my party - (this scares me more than child birth)
  • I have a party full of completely opposite people, two family's, old friends, new friends, church friends however if they don't behave in a nice fashion me and Tash will just be rocking the photo booth as I know she only has my best interest at heart.
I have said this before but each day my hate for pregnancy grows.

  • My feet are always huge and itchy and swollen and hot
  • Actually most of my body itches.
  • Stretch marks here we come
  • My boobs don't look the same anymore, this saddens me so much you have no idea, they were the favourite part of my body.
  • I'm over emotional
  • My back goes into spasms of pain.
  • I struggle to get up and down.
  • I have zero energy.
  • I have zero memory.
But I might just make it out of all this alive.

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