Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aiden finally rolled

Small things amuse small minds, I say small things excite loving mothers.

I always watched mothers and some woman who are just born to be mothers and always thought these woman are undeniably crazy and clearly have no life and seriously someone pass them a tequilla.

I have become a crazy and doting mother. Someone can still pass me that tequilla though, actually rather not hangovers and babies are unnecessary torture.

Aiden reached all his milestones a bit earlier than what all the books say, but I don't really think those books are accurate, all my friends who had babies last year, all of them reached different things at different times. If there really was a book with a correct recipe this wouldn't be so damn hard.

First Party

First non-violent connection with a child

First time on a jungle gym

First time at the zoo

First time sitting on a chair

First time eating solids

First time riding his fire truck

First time sitting alone

First time eating his feet

First taste of vegetables

First Easter

First time shoving his sock in his mouth and carrying on doing what he's doing, with his sock in his mouth.

No first, just to cute.

First time playing the drum

First time sitting in the bath

First time playing with a ball

First time sleeping with a teddy

First time really playing with his toys

First attempt to play with the kitty, they friends now

First time holding his own bottle

First time in a walking ring

I could go on and on and on, but the real point to all this, is Aiden never rolled over. At all my injections and check ups doctors and nurses ask if he rolls. Apparently they supposed to roll before they sit. So for the last while I have been trying to teach Aiden to roll, and he finally did! I was so excited, I did a little dance, and clapped and for the first time in my entire life did that really annoying girl scream.

I love my son what can I say.

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