Monday, May 7, 2012

My new social life

I think there was something in the water last year, my best friend, a few other school friends and one of there sisters all fell pregnant around the same time and we all had boys. Two were born on the same day, Leanne's sister three days before her. Aiden is the youngest, as I drank the water a bit late as I only moved back to Joburg a while after everybody else got knocked up.

The first to be born, was the beautiful Cameron, my God-son, 9 May, so on Saturday Aiden and I went to our first little birthday party. 25 babies and kiddies and there parents filled the venue for some energetic fun, whistles and tantrums. It was complete madness and I am glad I only know maximum 10 kids, so Aiden's first birthday will be semi manageable.

It was loads of fun and I am super proud of my friend and her little boy, and shocked at how time as just flown by.

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