Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Because I can and because I love you

I started blogging when I fell pregnant, just a way to let go and keep sane, I never knew it would become such a love and such a passion. I also never knew I would meet and get to know so many wonderful people and get such support and encouragement from complete strangers.

So I'm giving a little back, just a gift from me to one of you lucky ladies. My mom works at a publishing company so Aiden's library is well on it's way, reading was one of my favourite childhood memories, my mom is always bringing books home and I asked her to grab a few for one of my readers. Really simple just comment on this post, if you struggle as blogspot often does send me an email at jmckaydesigns@gmail.com. I'm giving you all till next Monday, got to keep it to South Africa unfortuantly.
Oh and it will be put into Googles random picker thingy so it's fair.


  1. Ooooh I love books and Madam Zoe has a thing for them too so please add me into the competition list...:)

  2. Ooooh, we love books in this house. Lovely giveaway. You've inspired me to do one too!

    Also, I love your maternity pic on the top right. Beautiful!

  3. Email from a awesome lady, Tracey Nichols

    Blogger blocked me *sob* And I wrote such a nice comment.

    I too love love love books and would love to add to my kiddies selection. My son mows through his books like there is no tomorrow, I hope the baba will enjoy it just as much too.

  4. What a fantastic give away! My kids would love love love to win! xxx

  5. Divine! Luca ADORES storytime! xxx

  6. Another Email:

    OH my Hat! We love books. Dudie and I. What an awesome give-away


  7. Desperately trying to get Maddy into books too! I loved reading as a kid. I spent a lot of time in the local library :) (Caryn Step)

  8. I would LOVE to win! I'm always giving away prizes and am never allowed to enter them. Glad you are still enjoying the blogging. I still read you every day. X

  9. Email:

    I can't comment on your blog, but really want to enter your giveaway! I also grew up with my dad reading or telling me stories and I already try read to Lily, although its not easy with her pulling the pages away from me, or pulling my hair, or trying to crawl off the bed!

    Shannon Richards

  10. Hi,
    Well my mommy was a smart lady and saved all my books (some real classics) from when I was growing up. So my daughter has grown up surrounded by books and loves reading. Books are expensive so I must admit that she hasnt gotten any new ones recently so would love some great books for her.
    Love reading your blog, and think that you are doing an amazing job with Aiden!
    All the best, x

  11. Email:

    Hi there,
    I totally love reading you blog...your little man has gotten so big, its crazy!!
    My little monkey is 5 already and she loves reading so books is always somthing im game for.....PICK US PICK US:)
    Holding thumbs

    Much love
    little Emily