Saturday, May 12, 2012

Murphy's Law stole my weekend

Just a little while ago I was complaining I had nothing to do, I was bored out of my mind and stressing that I would never get more work in and Aiden and I would become beach bums begging for small change at the robots.

My mom had surgery a little while ago so for the last 6 weeks, we have taken to the ultra lazy life of lying in bed with Aiden till 10am, watching T.V, making lists and sorting out our house that is starting to look like a hoarders paradise.

So I signed up for a course, a Digital Marketing course through Quirk Education, organised my nanny (who is now the maid because Felicity is still not back) to watch Aiden twice a week so I can study. My mom goes back on Monday so we have been enjoying our last few days of freedom.

Then Murphy's Law came flying out of no where and stole our lives from us in one nasty little swoop.

This course is amazing but it is hectic and you need to put a lot of time into it, and bouncing baby on one knee while reading a chapter on Market Research is not ideal. Every Monday is deadline day for our assignments at a very early 10am.

I have a great opportunity coming up and it sounds like so much fun, but I have to produce a blog post once a week on demand, which always seems so much harder but I am up for the challenge. First one needs to be in Tuesday.

Our books we were working on at the beginning of the year have made it through submission but the Government is demanding changes and have to be re-printed and sent through by Friday, that means we have to colour in story books, layout and edit pictures for books and add a few new books that need to be set and designed by Monday-Wednesday.

This is how Murphy steals your weekend, I am not complaining, I am loving it, the learning, new challenges and great money is all I have been asking for but all in a matter of 5 days is presenting a bit of a challenge. I am so desperate for every second I am paying my sister a staggering R200 to babysit for 6 hours today, D is coming for a few extra hours on Mothers Day (this was not a gift, more me begging and pleading for a little help after I carried and gave birth to his first born son and all) so here I am attempting the time crashing impossible.

Wish me luck.

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