Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nanny or the 'C' word

I have always been adamant that Aiden will be at home with a nanny till he is at least two years of age. I hated crèche when I was little; I used to hang on the gate screaming till my mom gave up and took me home. I was like that from horrible experiences of a few schools previous.

Aiden is used to attention, and spends the majority of his time with me, I'm worried about him being left in a cot all day, being left to scream and settle on his own, I'm scared they don't play outside or stimulate them, I am scared they force him to eat what he doesn't want to (I clearly remember green macaroni and someone saying if you don't eat it yourself I'll force it down your throat)

I have had a part-time nanny since February and boy has that been a disaster. She drives me mad and is practically useless; lazy doesn't even do her justice. I thought of getting a new one, I had one to think about on the side but the thought of getting yet another nanny who doesn't do her job and that I will constantly be moaning and explaining how I don't want my baby watching TV all day, or sitting in the laundry room while you talk to the domestic, just the thought makes me feel ill.

So the hunt for the perfect crèche took place, well I wouldn't say hunt. I already knew of a great school right down the road from my house but it's on the pricey side, kind of like double pricey. D was insistent I find a cheaper school (not going into that one) but I went to have a look, it's clean, friendly, lots of teachers everywhere, 1 teacher and 2 assistants to 7 babies and they give them breakfast, lunch and a snack, they have a book system that they write everything your baby does in the day, from pooping to how much ml's they drink. I would only be sending him 3 times a week, R1000.

I did proceed to look at cheaper crèche's in the area, I went to one, so we ring the bell, the gates open, we go through a little gate and encounter about 40 kids running wild in the playground, if you wanted to take 5 home you could just snatch them and walk right out, the little girl (teacher) watching them was too busy on her phone to notice. So we search for the office and any adult with an answer other than Ben10, all the way on the other side of the building. Dirty is all I can say. We walk into the office, lots of kids everywhere; some napping some picking their nose but nobody to help us.

We end up talking to a lady feeding the kids gloop and say can we find out about the crèche, oh she knows nothing and the lady in charge is MIA!

Screw this, I start walking out and notice a number of dangers like the fact that the top of the jungle gym is right next to and in line with the bob-wire on the wall. I keep walking. A little faster.

So pricey it might be, but safe and clean it is and the only place I will send Aiden.

He starts on Friday.

I already want to cry.

Buts it's what's best for both of us.

I can't work and look after him and I can't watch a nanny watch him all day.

So my little boy is going to school.


  1. Dont worry. He will be fine. If he doesnt adjust then atleast you said you tried. He will probably lap up the friends he will make there. Big hugs and strength xx

  2. I sent Zoe to a little play group 3 x a week when she wasn't even 1 yet too ~ out of choice and she loved it. It was clean, they were super nice and it was small. It sounds exactly like where Aiden is going to go...I bet he is going to enjoy it alot Jess :)