Monday, May 21, 2012

My Four Walls

Working from home has it's up sides, on really lazy days I sit with my lap top in bed and only get out of PJ's in the afternoon, this can though become a hermit lifestyle very quickly so I try not to. Your home also becomes a prison after a while, so I try go out as much as possible, this weekend was a perfect concoction of madness and now I am quite happy to be in these four walls.

Saturday morning I actually set my alarm for even earlier than my natural one of face pinching and hair pulling (yes, Aiden sleeps in my bed). We were off to Hillbrow to go do some volunteer work at Door of Hope better known as 'The hole in the wall.' Mothers can put their babies in a opening in the wall that has a sensor on it and sets off an alarm in the house so they know a baby is in side. They also receive babies from the local police and mothers coming straight to the door.

If I had the money and a big house I really would adopt a child. My heart goes out to those children but also to the mothers who were so desperate and in such a bad place that they couldn't keep the true loves. Apparently the laws in South Africa make adopting children really difficult so lot's of kids struggle to get placed.

We weren't allowed to take pictures of inside the orphanage, understandably. A whole group of people wet from my church and some other people in our local community. We worked on the garden and sorted out clothes into labelled boxes, fixed shelves and re-wired the washing line. Small things that make a huge impact in the lives of the people who care for these precious beings on a daily basis.

Sorry for all the mis-matched pics, my camera died when I got there so it's a great comparison of iPhone vs Blackberry.

Aiden is now pulling himself up on everything, I think he might skip crawling!

Aiden will sleep anywhere.

Sunday we headed over to the Baby Expo, two babies, my best friend and my sister. I don't think I will ever be braving that chaos again, needless to say I didn't get any photo's, what with pushing a pram, with 3 dog balloons tied to it, Jeep stroller in a huge box in one hand, a box of nappies, pamphlets from a hundred stalls that just get thrown at you and trying not to bash into every ankle in front of me. The discount is not worth the stress. We even skipped the Barney show, I don't feel guilty.

Aiden got his first bloody nose on Sunday, my gorgeous God-son is a year and not baby/kid friendly and pulled Aidens nose. 

I was quite proud of this.

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