Monday, September 5, 2011


The last time I checked we were living in the 21st Century. Sex, drugs and Rock n Roll are normal, you allowed to be gay except for the few narrow minded fools out there. The colour of your skin doesn't matter or at least shouldn't matter, once again a few narrow minded fools. Woman can vote, woman can work, woman can choose to marry or not, to bear children or not. Once again freely despite a few narrow minded fools.

Now I'm not talking about the few narrow minded fools, they don't qualify in my life to be written about, I am talking about the rest of us. Who I know are open minded, forgiving humans and understanding people. The people I know for sure are pretty okay with most of the above things I mentioned or at least they say they are until it slaps them in the face.

Over the last 7 months I have come to be utterly shocked in peoples disgust and disapproval in falling pregnant outside of marriage. Some close to me, as close as family, a few in the church, not to surprised there, friends and strangers who stare at my belly and seeing I'm young instinctively look at my left index finger for the ring and then shake there head when they see none.

Now everybody has a right to there own opinion, fair enough, or I'd probably be shut down, but here is my thing. If you are racist you normally racist behind the person's back (besides those fools), in the car or whispers to a friend. Same goes with homosexuality  and woman's rights and all other controversy to "normal society" rules.

How is it okay to make us woman who fell pregnant, oh and by the way we don't actually make this happen on our own, feel like tramps, ban from certain things and opportunities and already decide we are bad examples for children and are expected to be bad mothers and have delinquents as children.

I am rebellious by nature, I enjoy being rebellious, I have a problem with authority and rules are meant to be broken, never give me a uniform I will alter it and if I make you uncomfortable chances are I'll want to see how far I can push you. I have always been the center of controversy even when I'm not trying however I never expected this kind of treatment just from being knocked-up without a man by my side.

Here's why. Yes it's not great to have multiple sexual partners, believe it or not I was raised with high morals and values and I actually only wanted to be with one, it's not my fault men are generally assholes and that one loved drugs more than me. But honestly who the hell are still virgins by say, 20, and if you are that's really great but it's a very small number.

Now if we have all had sex and we all know if you actually wait for your wedding night that night is going to be really bad sex because you going to have no idea what to do. We all know the risks involved, we all know it's pretty much all guys want, we know about STD's and we know it makes baby's.

So why the big hoo-haa about me not being with the daddy, and why don't you go stare him down, he's the one who walked the fuck out. I could of had an abortion, would that have made everybody feel better but I bet when they find out you have had an abortion, then well once again you are pure evil for having sex and falling pregnant.

These are the things said to me when people find out I'm pregnant or they see I'm pregnant -

  • Congratulations!!!
  • And the Daddy? (Trying the polite way of saying are you still with the father or have you just screwed up another childs life)
  • What surname is he going to have? (My worst question ever)
  • Do you still live with your parents? (because you can't possibly be a normal, functioning adult and they hoping your parents are going to raise your child you have to be screwing up) 
Then there are the few that are nice to your face and make waves behind your back. The people who add in a sly comment on divided homes and the damage this cause's children. The people who don't say anything, not even congratulations because it makes them to uncomfortable.

Guess what though, I love my son and I will give him the best life I possibly can and enough love for a hundred parents and normal families. We not a normal family but we will be an amazing one and knowing my child he wouldn't want to be normal anyways.

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