Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pregnancy Yucky's

I'm 31 weeks so it's 9 weeks if I go natural and only 6/7 weeks if I go for a C-Section. I'm going to see my Doc next week so then we will now for sure. I must say I don't know how I'll make another day never mind weeks.

  • Sandman spells, I get these instant exhaustion spells, I'll be fine one minute and then the next I could seriously pass out standing up.
  • I get this foot stuck between my ribs and flesh that is extremely painful.
  • I get kicked "somewhere near there" that feels like I'm seriously going to pop out the baby right then and there.
  • It now looks like I have an alien in my tummy, it moves like a horror movie, it's awful and creepy and gives me nightmares.
  • Heartburn, like nothing you have ever felt before, my lungs hurt, I can't actually breath, I become immobile, I actually cry real tears from the pain this causes.
  • Back ache, from my neck all the way down to my ass, actually I get ass ache from time to time from all the pressure this heavy bump is creating.
  • Sleep, hahahahahahahahhahahahaha, what's that.
  • Stretch marks like sneaky vines, they grow daily, I can't really talk about this, it's to heart breaking.
  • General moving takes a lot of energy and it's easier to just stay still.
  • However staying still is also painful, as certain positions seems to cause pins and needles and cramps.
  • My boobs are growing again, who knew they could anymore, I seriously think a boob job gone horribly wrong would still be less painful than this way of doing things.
All this and men still complain about putting a damn cot together.


  1. Haha - that last comment was a classic!

  2. For the heartburn try eaying cucumber, with the skin on, a nice big chunk.