Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Slutwalk Johannesburg

On Saturday the 24 SEPTEMBER is the Slutwalk in Johannesburg, I have been waiting for this event for months and was one of the first to say "I'm Attending" on Facebook - Facebook Event. Unfortuantly I'm not even allowed standing for longer than 10 minutes so going on a protesters walk is just not going to be happening for me and I'll have to wait till next year and hope they hold it again.

It's such a great cause and such an important message to get across and hopefully touch a lot of woman who have been raped or molested and feel that it is there fault and deserve it in any way that that is not the case and that we all stand behind them and support them and that they deserve justice. Here is the site Slutwalk where you can find all the info you need and want and I hope they have thousands attending. Wish I was able to be there and can't wait to here all the feedback.

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