Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pregnancy Yucky's

I am over pregnancy. I hate it now more than I ever did. If you love it that's great for you but I honestly think you lieing.

  • Yesterday I measured my belly, it was 101cm, this morning I measured my belly it is now 107cm. The maths - I grew 6cm in a day (I'm a pro measure girl, I studied fashion, I didn't get it wrong)
  • Fat feet, itchy feet, hot and sweaty feet, burning feet, I wanna chop off my feet, feet.
  • Huge ass
  • I pee all day
  • I feel like I am over heating all the time, bring back winter.
  • I struggle to get up and down from anything.
  • I fit basically nothing in my wardrobe, I have no idea what I'm going to wear.
  • My gums bleed so much when I brush my teeth
  • Morning sickness + bleeding gums = disaster 
  • I have already bought bra's one size up, now I need more.
  • Shopping sucks
  • When you praying it to be over, you realise you have another 10 and a half weeks.


  1. Those last weeks are the worst!

    I actually started having wine again about 4 weeks before I was due - I needed it :-p

  2. I think i might star with the wine :)