Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doctor's visit

I am so sorry for the late update, wasn't near a computer yesterday!

I went to my GP as he is a quarter of my OB, I didn't go to my normal GP as she is basically a glorified drug dealer and brilliant if you need time off but I wanted to be checked properly so I went to Dr. De Kock, he suits his name to the T, he is an absolute ass but a good doctor no matter what you go in for he checks every nose hair and freckle.

I have high blood pressure which is not good because that causes Pre-eclampsia but I have no protein in my urine so I'm clear for now. I also have low sugar blood levels and they have done a full blood check again so we just waiting on those results, he's betting on anemia. Joy to the world. He said I must remember I am 7 months pregnant as he thinks I've forgotten and take it easy and not try accomplish defeating the world right now.

He also made a really lovely comment when he pricked my finger with a needle and I almost fainted, I have an extreme fear of needles, and he laughed and said, "How are you going to get through child birth?" As I said he suits his name.

So basically I have to weigh myself daily, if I pick up more than a kilo a day it's bad and I need to rest as much as possible, which I am really trying to do but it's good news because Aiden can comfortably stay inside me for a while longer.

Thank you for all the concern and sorry once again I made you all worry.


  1. Glad to hear you're ok!! Was getting worried! Sorry about the blood pressure, but at least you're ok for the moment.

    I think once labour kicks in and the hormones are flying around your body goes into instinctive "protect my child" mode and ignores lots of other things (like needle fear) to make sure he's ok.

    Take it easy and make sure you get enough liquids to drink too - at least 2 to 3 liters a day. Did you get the jungle juice recipe I emailed?

  2. Thanks, yes I'm really glad everything is ok for now.

    Now I never got the email :( whats jungle juice???

  3. Glad to hear you're okay for now!! Stay strong!


  4. So glad to hear you're both ok and hope it continues that way.

    Floradix is great during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it should sort out the anemia and give you more energy

  5. I sent it to your gmail address you have up here... Anyway, here's the recipe for Jungle Juice. To make:

    - 1 litre clear apple juice
    - 2 litres strong rooibos tea (or water, but rooibos tastes better)
    - 1 sachet of the blackcurrant rehidrat (R40 for 6 sachets at clicks)
    - 50 ml of Schlehen Blackthorn Berry Elixir (or even less, it's hellish expensive when you use in these quantities but it is brilliant. It's a vitamin tonic designed specially for new moms. You can get it at clicks or baby city)

    Mix it all together, it makes 3 liters. Keep in the fridge, and drink it all within 24 hours. Make a new batch the next day.

    It's brilliant stuff - it will keep your energy levels up to cope with the lack of sleep (the apple juice is low GI), and make sure you're hydrated enough to produce enough milk. You can even start drinking it now to help keep your amniotic fluid levels up, which helps prevent early labour (only a good thing).

    You can leave out, eg, the schlehen elixir stuff if you want, especially as it's really expensive. (hint: ask for bottles of it for your baby shower). But definitely try to use it in the first couple weeks.

  6. Just went through my emails, just to double check, I found it. Sometimes my stupid black berry stops receiving and I have to reboot and I get emails from like over 2 weeks!!!

    Thanks so much. I'm going to try it this weekend.