Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have decided to skip the anti-natal classes/ pre-natal classes, whatever they called because I chose seeing a lawyer is more important and I can't afford both. So I am going to have to start reading up on the birth thing and some parenting books on baby's coz I know nothing. Also I really do think I will learn as I go, I'm mostly stressed about the birth and breast feeding, those are 2 things I don't really want to stuff up. Some things I just want to know because it interests me and I really can't make a decision about them.

Here is one, dummies. Yes / No / Maybe

I really like this one and if it works as a mute button, why not.

Love these too.

Besides from the fashion element here, I really don't know if I should go down this route and woman seem to have strong opinions on the dummy. I just think they crazy, it's just a dummy, right....or am I wrong.


  1. I hate giving unsolicited advice once a decision has been made (no, really) but you should reconsider the antenatal classes. I also thought I would just figure it out, and mostly I did, but there were some things for which they really helped, especially stuff about the birth and breastfeeding.

    Which hospital are you giving birth at - Clinton? (That's where I had my son). I can recommend a wonderful sister who works there as a lactation consultant (so she can help you with absolutely anything regarding breastfeeding, and how to do it properly) and she did my antenatal classes. And if its just about the money, you can claim them back on your medical aid. Think about it and let me know if you want her details. (hell, even get some friends to give you the classes as a babyshower gift)

    As for books - my total saviors were the baby sense books (baby sense, sleep sense and feeding sense). If those are all you read you will be fine.

    Dummies? People have strong opinions. Most people who dislike them are because they don't like the idea of a 2 or 3 year old with a dummy. But, kids love sucking, it's a great way for them to self soothe, and at least you can take a dummy away which you can't with a thumb. I am all for children self-soothing with something of their own, rather than your boob or a mommy cuddle or something like that. And you can't exactly whip out a boob in the shopping centre to keep him quiet :)

    The disadvantage is that they can lose it in their cot at night, and it's harder for them to find than a thumb, so initially there might be more nightly wake ups until he can find it himself.

    Some kids just won't take one though. So I guess you should decide - if he is a "sucker", what would you prefer he sucks, dummy, thumb or boob - and go from there.

    If you choose dummy, only get 1 or 2 at first, to see if he takes it. And get one that is orthodontically approved.

    (sorry for the looooong comment!)

  2. I love the long comment :)

    Thanks for the advice. Yes I'm having my son at the clinton and it does boil down to money as you have to pay the whole amount upfront. The nurse I spoke to is a lady named Wendy and I was going to go, I even put my name down to start next thursday. It just seems everything needs to be done now, from booking the bed, to antenatal classes, to a hundred OB GYN appointments. Along with everything I still need to get. I might do the classes and then see the lawyer the following month.

    As for the dummy, I'll probably use one, a happy baby seems more important than a screaming baby and a bad habit.

    I'm guessing you live in the alberton area then?

  3. I don't think you need to get caught up in the dummy debate just yet. The are reasons for and reasons against.
    Do what works for you when you get there.
    However if you do want to breastfeed I recommend not using a dummy for the first 6 weeks until your breastfeeding is properly established, as it can change the baby's latch and cause issues.
    I can only ditto the recommendation on a lactation consultant, especially if you're foregoing antenatal classes.
    Also regardless of whether you're going for vaginal or ceasarian birth you'll want to prepare yourself and know what to expect for either scenario. I don't think antenatal classes are that important with regards to parenting but I do think they help with the birth & breastfeeding.
    As for books, just remember that just cause you read something doesn't mean your baby has lol. Babysense was possibly the worst book I could have read when it came to parenting my son...the only thing it is good for if you don't have a child that fits that particular mould is making you feel like a shitty parent.
    Now 3 kids in I find myself more an attachment parent, I have no issues with giving my child a mommy cuddle, a comfort feed or helping them settle again if they've woken from a bad dream in the night.
    Some kids sleep, some kids don't, no dummy, sleep training, punishment or molly coddling will change that.

  4. Yeah, I know, it sucks about the paying upfront thing... money and time is always tight with a baby, especially once they're born. I think I know of Wendy, she's an older nurse, right? What does she charge? I went to Sister Carin Hanekom. She used to be on duty at the clinton maternity ward in the mornings as the lactation consultant. I think i got her number from my gynae's reception, and I'll email you her email add. Or you can just go to the ward and ask the security guard to call her. But even if you don't go for the classes, really try to see her the very first day your son is born, and she will show you the correct way to breastfeed etc etc.

    What I found babysense excellent for was knowing the early warning signs of when my little one was getting edgy and overstimulated. That went a long way to keeping peace when out and about and also taught him how to self soothe a bit. Also, feeding sense was great when started weaning onto solids - I breastfed for 11 months, so for the first 4 months I didn't have to think about whether he was getting the right nutrients, and I had a little bit of a panic when I had to start thinking about all those things. Plus it has some nice recipes.
    The sleep one though was pretty useless... He didn't sleep through until he was almost 1, and I think it was because he was still breastfeeding and was getting hungry, but it might also just not have been his time. So yeah, every baby is different, so what works for me may not work for you (like anon says).

    A happy baby is definitely the best! But also remember that a happy mommy makes a happy baby, so don't forget yourself either.

    We used to live in brackendowns... but we've just moved over to Switzerland two months ago, left all our family behind.

  5. I'm pro dummies! I really encouraged Zoe to take one because the research I did beforehand all suggested that children who knew how to self soothe would sleep better. It certainly helped for us.

    Jess have a look at this link for cool dummies

  6. Jack has a cool one that says "Chicks dig me" - I love it.

    Your kid decides on the dummy :-p So have 1/2 on hand, try it and see if he will take it - if not then well your boobs become a dummy ;-p