Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Stretch

So yesterday I was clearly not a ray of sunshine, I don't think I'm much of one today either but I'll try put a bit of kick in my step before I make everybody suicidal. There's nothing actually wrong, nothing major has changed or any serious news, other than the fact that I'm having a baby. A real one. A living, breathing baby.

So I have decided to have a C-section, now to convince my doctor to not even bother trying natural but I'm sure it will suit him fine, then he can plan he's next round of golf better and it's more money to pay off he's beautiful, shiny, red Ferrari. I was leaning on this decision already then being in hospital and hearing all those horror screams and having so many complications, I just felt I couldn't make it through natural childbirth. Then at ante-natal classes on Tuesday, Casey and I got to watch a birthing video...holy mother of cow, there isn't a chance in a million fantasy years I'm doing that. We saw it come out from start to finish, we saw the doctor cut her va-jaja with nail scissors, we saw a fountain of goo spray out and then an alien head pop out and wiggle around and then this whole friggen body - kapow! Sorry, I have nothing to prove, I don't feel like less of a woman for not even trying, I actually feel like a smart one and I love pain killers.

So because I'm having a C-section, I'll be getting a baby a few weeks earlier! So instead of having like 8 weeks to go, I have 6 weeks to go before I have a living, breathing baby!

Good news is the baby room is practically done, we just need to get the furniture in this weekend and get curtains and bedding. It was a major stress of mine, so yesterday I spent the day painting cupboards and bookshelves and got done what everybody was taking months to do. Yes I wasn't supposed to but Aiden is still inside and now I'm a little less stressed so I think it was worth it.

Then there is the baby bash happening in 3 WEEKS, basically everybody is coming so we talking 90 people in my house. Please pray for good weather else I have no idea what we going to do. The marquee only fits 50, 10 in the kitchen, 10 in the lounge, 10 in the pool room and 10 in the bathroom. I still have 20m of bunting to do, I know, I know, I'm a procrastinator I should of listened to my mom and ordered it. We have to organise the catering and now we will be having a pool again. It was broken so it was going to be drained and emptied and I was going to turn it into a play den for all the kids. Its a huge pool, and thought it would be awesome to fill it with all kinds of balls and those kids tables, and colouring stuff and play doe.etc. but now we having a pool which is great but 15 kids and a swimming pool - please if you coming, bring there cossies but keep an eye I'm in no condition to go diving and saving kids.

I've been at home since I left the hospital, a week of being in bed and then a week of doing some typesetting but still taking it easy. I am so bored already, I'm going back to work next week, even if it's a few times a week, else I'll go insane over the last stretch.

I can't wait for the pregnancy to be over but I'm just as anxious of the journey after it because that one is never over.


  1. Well done on making your decision!
    I just have to point out that episiotomies are not and should not be standard procedure in births and if that's what they showed you a normal birth looks like then I'm very sorry.
    Why does you choosing a c-section mean the baby is born before their due date?

  2. because they dont want me to go into labour before I have a ceasar, but my doc doesnt think I'll make full term anyways, when i was in hospital he told me to try hang on till 36 weeks at least!