Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is God a Christian?

My mom asked me this question this morning. Obviously not expecting me to answer or to dwell on it every chance I got for the last 24 hours. It's a valid question, it's a question with an answer and it's a question that makes you think and humbles your heart.

The answer is obviously "NO," seeing as there is a God to every religion and I can't deny somebody else there God just because He is not exactly the same as mine. Yes I'll tell them about mine if they are interested but I'll never say your God isn't real only mine is. It's not very nice and it is in no way going to make them listen to you.

Then of course you have to look at the fact that to Christians no matter if Baptist, Anglican or Methodist and Catholics and Jews, we all actually love and believe in the exact same God, just different versions of religion and different traditions.

Yes, I am expecting criticism, backlash and maybe even a few phone calls,(Thank goodness my phone is blocked at the moment), regarding those last few paragraphs. I intend to offend no one and just giving my opinion and how I see it to be.

I am just one of those people who generally struggle with things of this nature, maybe it's because I'm always questioning, I tend to over think everything and maybe it's because I love my rebellious nature and I'm scared of loosing that spontaneous side of me. So I occasionally do sit and think to myself maybe we all just crazy and there isn't a God, because sometimes it does feel like He's not there, because sometimes I can't believe if there was God why so many things in this world and in my life happen, because sometimes I just want to die and go no where, I just want to sleep forever and never wake up again and the thought of being happy in heaven for eternity sounds so tiring and there I will actually have to like the people who made this life so damn hard and awful.

I said I was a Christian I didn't say I was very good at it yet or like any one you've ever met. Sometimes I actually wish I wasn't, then I could be a heartless bitch, alcoholic, recreational drug user or live in a selfish existence without being judged and asked, "Aren't you supposed to be a Christian" this question being asked by people inside and outside the church.

The answer to that question is "I'm human!"

I wish there was a point to this post, I just really loved the question and I'll probably be thinking about it for at least another few weeks and could go on and on about all of it. I think the main reason I find it so intriguing especially now is because D is a Catholic or thinks he is or wants to be, I'm not quite sure and people seem to have a huge problem with this.

So Aiden will be half Christian, half Catholic, don't really see the issue. Either way I wasn't planning on baptizing my son, Christening him or even dedicating him. When he is old enough to decide, he can decide if God is a Christian or a Catholic or a Jew and he can make his own choices. One of the main reasons I want to raise my son this way is because if he is anything like me you tell him he is a Christian or he is a Catholic, he is going to try a hundred other opposites and that might just land him in a whole lot more trouble than being half Christian, half Catholic.


  1. Two small points:
    You can't be "half Christian, half Catholic" as Catholics ARE Christians. A Christian is anybody who believes in Jesus Christ. Of course there is a huge different between a Catholic and a Protestant, but they are both Christian. This leads me to point number 2... Jews are NOT Chrsitians as they have not accept Jesus Christ as God.
    Just thought I'd mention this. :)

  2. I know you can't be half/half but that's what people are making it to be and I don't get why.
    As for Jews, yes they not Christians but there God is still our God, isn't He.

    I guess the point to the question is that God isn't a religion :)

    Thanks though, I like to see how people respond to the question, my sister just looked at me like I was nuts...again!!!

  3. Looking deeply into matters and questioning is a good thing!

    So, you've been blunt with your views and I will be too - I do NOT believe that everyone worships the "same God". I believe that there is only one true God and one true religion. The others are false and worship a false God that does not exist.

    One thing I cannot understand is why people say it is wrong to be so strong in your beliefs as to say "there is only one true faith". After all, whether they agree with you or not, surely there is no point in belonging to a religion that has such a poor opinion of themselves that they agree they might not be the only right one?! I have much more respect for a church (even if I don't agree) which says "We are right and you are wrong" as then I can see that they aren't "wishy-washy" and they have enough conviction in themselves to know that they are right.

    Just something to think about...

  4. I love honesty and people who are blunt.

    I totally agree with you actually, I truly believe in my God, my church (even if I dont always agree with it) and the Bible. I don't get along with wishy washy people of any kind but have found dismissing them or there beliefs normally does more harm than good.

    In no way am I saying God is the same in every religion when it comes to Christians, Muslims, Hindus. etc. and i stand firm in what I believe when asked in those situations but I do think we get far to stuck in being a "religion" and following a set of "rules" "traditions" and "judgement" and loose focus on what is important which is our relationship with God and following His word and spreading His word :)

    And Mr/Mrs Anonymous do I by any chance know you :)

  5. No, we don't know each other. :) I came across your blog accidentally via Moomie.

    And btw, I just want to say, you said in your write up that you've made every life mistake a person can make, but that is not true. You didn't make the biggest mistake of all - you kept your baby. I take my hat off to you for that and know that God will bless you for not having aborted the child He gave you. I really admire you for that.

  6. Oh ok, you sound like a very good friend of mine :)

    thank you for that, yes I kept my baby there was a point where I almost didnt but I made the right choice and although it's a harder choice it's definitely worth it and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!!

    Hope my strong opinions and my sometimes moody behavior doesn't scare you away, I love people who challenge my thoughts and ideas :)