Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Say a little prayer for me

I have a doctors appointment this afternoon, I'm going to be checked out and tested for "Pre-Eclampsia."
I'm freaking out a bit here, I really am praying my hardest that everything is fine and I just have a monster baby who is eating me alive. Yesterday I was suffering with really bad abdominal pain and feeling very dizzy with a bit of a blurry eye. I also had muscle cramps in my arm. I thought nothing of it, pregnancy has taken it's toll on my body right from the beginning but apparently growing so much in a day isn't actually normal. So I'm going to be checked out, just in case.

I am trying to remain calm as it is rather serious, hospitalization or even inducing pre-mature labour! I hope I am just being over paranoid.

Here is some info on the disease, it's worth reading especially if you pregnant and just be aware of your body.


Please say a little prayer for Aiden and I.


  1. Saying a prayer for you and your special little boy!

  2. Hope all is well with you two

  3. How are you doing? hope all is well?

  4. Hun, how are you doing? I keep checking your blog to see how you are???Hun, how are you doing? I keep checking your blog to see how you are???

  5. I'm getting worried! How are you? How did the doctor's appointment go?


  6. Ok so now we're all getting worried! What's happened? Are you ok?