Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I Know - That Frustrate Me

  • People who drive the in the yellow line during a traffic jam, I seriously am tempted to smash into them as they drive past.
  • Old people, even old people I love, even old people who live in my back yard.
  • Call center agents, especially Cell C ones, they ruin my day and I think I've ruined a good few of there's this week to, will be ruining some more if they don't put my phone back on.
  • Store Policies, no bending of rules on these policies even though the reason they would have to bend them is because of there lack of service to begin with.
  • People who don't RSVP, not the ones who I know are coming, they normally always around, the people who still think maybe they coming so it's like they just waiting to see what else might come up first, rather don't come the invite was out of courtesy anyways.
  • People who take over, I will hang my baby's clothes from the ceiling if that's how I want it, get yourself knocked up and make your own nursery (not you mom or Casey)
  • Phone calls after 7pm at night.
  • Phone calls on Sundays
  • Guilt trips, they don't work on me, they just irritate me so much I'm going to do it again just to piss you off.


  1. I'm in agreement with you on people who will only rsvp once they've waited to see if anything better will come up. It tops my top 5 irritation list of all time!

  2. And it really is normally only the people who you invite because you have to! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr want to feed them dry bread and water when they pitch up!