Monday, September 5, 2011

Only 11 weeks!!!

I think next week when I hit 10 weeks I might have a full blown anxiety attack and end up in a mental institution. It's all going way to quickly and my life is so jam packed with a hundred things to do and full weeks and weekends don't seem to be ending so I'm not getting everything I need done, done.

In 5 weeks I'm having my baby shower, I'm really excited but it has become so time consuming and not sure how I'm going to pull off such a huge party. We went to China mall yesterday, my first time there. It's like heaven to me. So many stores of completely useless crap you don't need but so want. We bought such amazing stuff for the party and things for the kids that are coming to take home. For the first time we going to be having about 15 kids at my house, this scares me a little as they all range from 2 months old to about 10 years old. I don't know where they all came from, they just appeared but I think they'll love my party madness more than anybody else as we turning my back yard into a circus with a huge marquee and all.

Aiden's room is still empty, no curtains, no bed, no dresser, pretty much no nothing. I know he won't be in there for a while but I still like things to be finished and perfect. I want to wait till after the shower to really buy things, only problem is my shower is 4 weeks till Aiden's birth and if my doctor decides a C-section will be better it could be as soon as 2-3 weeks before he arrives.

One good thing is I start ante-natal classes tomorrow evening, I'm dragging my sister along as she is going to need to know what to expect and I want to scare the living daylights out of her so that she never has sex and never lands up in my position until she is happily married with prince charming or something close to it.

A friend of mine from youth, C, watched a video of birth, not sure why he actually witnessed this but he did and apparently this video claims the best way to give natural birth is by squatting. He shared this with me, I think he thinks that this is the way a lot of woman do natural birth. As a result I have been having nightmares of squatting, this seems even more undignified than the other 2 options I was already thinking of.

Apart from the stress of money and getting things done, I am extremely over pregnancy. I am getting so big and so uncomfortable and my waddle is coming on rather nicely. I always feel like I am over heating and summer hasn't even hit yet. My boobs are so blady sore and the nose bleeds are a real irritant. Morning sickness makes the start of everyday awful and my fat feet are disgusting.

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  1. Lol, squatting is in fact the best way to give natural birth, or on all fours.
    However if you are going to a normal hospital they will most likely insist you lie on your back in a bed as it suits the staff better.
    While it may seem more "graceful" this way, it is sadly the hardest and most uncomfortable position to birth in.

    I'm sure they'll cover it in your antenatal classes - good luck!