Friday, September 2, 2011

Things I Know - about having a baby

  • I know I don't know much
  • Breastfeeding is free
  • Formula is damn expensive
  • Breastfeeding - every 2 hours
  • Formula - every 4 hours
  • Gripe water is amazing
That's all I know, I'm in trouble, oh shit, panic attack!!!

(My dad read my blog for the first time tonight, he's paying for antenatal classes! So no need to panic about my baby everybody.)


  1. I think as long as you know you don't know it all, you are on the right track ;)

    It's like... if you're worrying about not being a good enough mother, chances are you are being a great one

    Have a great weekend!

  2. oh, and that is such an awesome thing for your dad to do!

  3. Breastfeeding is also way more portable :)

    Three kids in and I still don't know much else lol