Tuesday, August 23, 2011


1+1=2, if you need 2 but don't have 1 or the other 1 and somehow need to shit out 2 your life becomes rather stressful. I'm good with money, I love money. I have always done odd jobs growing up to make money and I have always had more than I needed.

Then I fell pregnant.

I have no debt, no credit cards, no clothing accounts and always done freelance work so tax has never been an issue. Basically I don't exist in the financial system, except for my tv license which they really nail you on. I'm still under my parents medical aid and most of my expenses, like my cellphone and such are paid for by my dad's company. Spoilt rotten, I know. Pain in the real ass when you are forced into a system you were happy staying out of and have another body to look after.

To get into this system it seems you have to sell your soul to some sort of devil and they want a history of every pea you ever stuck up your nose. I think I'm going to copy a hundred copies of my I.D book this morning and just have them on me at all times.

The point is, baby's are expensive, yes my parents do a lot but I get a salary and that is what I have to survive on, I even pay rent to stay at my parents house so please don't think I'm this spoilt rich kid with no responsibility's. I've just never experienced going onto my bank account a week before payday and saying "oh shit, I'm staying in this weekend."

Medical bills have piled up due to being in a self-payment gap, I need so much still and more medical bills are coming. I need 2 but I owe 1 and don't have the other 1 and 1 and what I'm getting is like a 0.2 and my head hurts because I can't even figure out simple maths anymore.

Box-dye it's going to be.

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