Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's my BLOG and I'll write what I want to

I have recently been bomb barded with emails from strangers and some messages from people I do know about my blog. Apparently I'm selfish, insensitive and careless. Apparently my humour on certain situations is disgusting and are no laughing matters. Apparently I don't appreciate pregnancy and the beauty of it.

Well here is what I have to say, if I don't know you, I am selfish, insensitive and careless because I don't care what you think or say about me. Especially if you decided to stay "anonymous" please if you want to shit me out more than my mother (who loves my blog and is "oh so proud")  please have the respect to give me your name. The only strangers I do care about are the people who like my blog and my writings stir some sort of emotion in them and hopefully makes there day a smidgen better or more entertaining.

To those who do know me, I'm actually disappointed because you have seen full on what this has all done to me. You saw how I couldn't get out of bed for weeks, you knew my mother was worried to leave me home alone in case when she got back I was no longer. You saw the tears and witnessed the pain. You know that everything I write on this blog is 100% honest and true. I have not contrived blogs or exaggerated stories for my benefit (not that I can see how that would benefit me). Most of all you know how much writing my story day by day has helped me get through this nightmare.

Here is what I really don't get. My "About me" section, neatly describes what this blog is, what it is about and is a clear warning that it's not going to be cute and fluffy. That I'm not happy about being knocked-up and single. I'm also sure if you go back through out the whole history of my blog I have warned people a few times that if you don't like my writing, my sarcasm or swearing then simply don't read it.

I am sorry if I have hurt anybody through my blog, it was not my intention. It is just my life and pretending things are sweet and dandy is not going to help and so I talk about it. Yes, publicly but it is your choice to read it or not and if you want create a blog and write what you want to. I great idea would be a blog about how you hate the blogs that share there life with complete strangers. You'll probably get more hits than me.


  1. Hold your head up high chicken. To the SKY

  2. I really do not think you need to explain yourself to anyone.

    Your blog is about your journey and what you feel.

    There are more than enough sunny-disposition blogs out there about moms who are sunny and bright and cheerful and every day is arts and crafts at the dining room table.

    Bless them.

    You are not about that shit, and really do you want to be?


    I love your blog - but I am only one little person. Don't change your style, and do not apologise to anyone for how you feel or react.

    Why should you?

    The difference is you are willing to admit that your life is not all sunshine and potatoe salad, a great deal of moms hear you, but are too afraid to say it themselves.

    Keep blogging chick - I for one, love you just the way you are.

    And of course wish you sunny and potatoe salad days -- but in your own time.

  3. I’m offended for you!
    Just the fact they did it anonymously speaks louder than words. They are the epitome of what they are shunning you for, being true to yourself. They can’t even do that for themselves *shakes head*

    I love your blog so please don’t stop being “real”…

  4. I love you Jessie McKay, you are what you are and you feel what you feel - and I'm also proud of you for writing this, I think it's awesome! Your very pregnant aunt Liz x

  5. The joys of having your life on the www.

    Pregnancy may be amazing but its also dam hard - even when you have planned for the kids!

  6. Thank you all for your amazing words, you really have no idea how much they mean to me and you awesome ladies keep me going and even make me excited to be a mom soon.

    Love you all

  7. Sometimes people are just cruel because they can be or because they are jealous. Your post made me think of the Dr Seuss quote

    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind dont matter and those that matter don't mind"

  8. I think your blog is very cool, I love the real! I dont have the guts to write what you write, but I read your posts and think to myself..."shit she is so flipping spot on" I totally love your blog and dont want you to even take notice of those stupid people. Cause yes, they dam stupid!