Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cup is Best

Last night when I got home from work I found to pamphlets on the dining room table, clearing about pregnancy. The one I didn't even open, it was about eating right during pregnancy, I know what to eat we all know what to eat and I know I'm never going to eat 5 vegetables a day.

Then there was the other one, in big bold letters, CUP FEEDING IS SAFER THAN BOTTLES. I thought I was seeing things, this concept is like the whole toweling nappies thing. An idea that instantly makes your life harder. I'm actually wondering if mothers actually do this.

I am really hoping to breast feed, you loose weight, it gives you back your stomach, it's free and available without preparation. It does freak me out though but I'm going to seriously give it a try. On this note my mom and I were discussing what I need and what is a waste of money and we were discussing pumps and how I should wait to buy one, she doesn't see the point of them if you have a breast use that why on earth would you pump milk. I do see her point.

Well in this pamphlet of "Cup is best" they have detailed instructions on how to express milk.... by hand, like a cow.

I couldn't contain myself, my sister was horrified and my mother just looked bewildered at this idea. Who does this, imagine your boyfriend, lover or husband walking in on you when you milking yourself like a farm animal. I think it would actually turn a man off seeing this, I can picture it now, when you in bed with them and they all of a sudden stop and look nauseated they probably imagining you milking yourself.

I must say it was a good laugh, not great at the dinner table but I would like to thank the government for sending out these pamphlets and enlightening and educating us woman on how to milk ourselves and feed our babies with a cup. Who would of known.

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  1. Get a pump! Honestly! Get one! You get reasonable priced manual ones.

    I borrowed one from a friend and it saved my life!