Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby shower coming up

My baby shower is in 2 months, all my invites are finally sent out and people have started to RSVP. I didn't do a baby registry, don't really like telling people what to buy and I don't actually know what I need. However there are things I told my mom I do want, a rocking chair being one of them and I think that's all I've insisted on having. If you are coming and you don't know what to buy I love these few things from Baby Tease, which is all thanks to Fiona from Remember when we were young.


  1. Oh wow! So glad you like it.

    We used to get endless compliments when we put Zoe in the babytee's growers and t-shirts but unfortunately she's grown out of them now. That's why rock star kids are in the making :)

    I hope you have an awesome babyshower and I have no doubt you'll be very spoilt.

  2. People never buy whats on the list anyway :)

    These growers are uber cool :)