Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Sitting Disasters

On Saturday evening after a day's labour of painting we had to baby sit my 3 month old God-son. From 5pm - 10pm, didn't sound to hard, bare in mind I've only held him for a few minutes at a time and never changed a diaper and feeding is my sisters thing. I still thought I could do this and if the mother of the baby is actually crazy enough to leave her baby with me I should be honoured enough to try.

This is the beginning of the evening...so cute, right.

My sister doing the feeding
After that's done I played with him a bit, till he started crying so....

My sister changed his diaper and my mom dressed him... then he started crying again, so...

My sister and mom eventually got him to sleep, an angel for a whole 40min and then this...


I saw his feet move in the pram but he stopped to I thought cool he's still sleeping and then it all started, he started crying so I got him out and rocked him a bit and then my sister said I could go bath quickly she'll be fine. I just got my water hot, rinsed the shampoo out my hair and put conditioner in and then my sister shouts "Get out of the bath!" I jump out still having conditioner in my hair and rush into the room to find a distraught baby. Now my mom is also in the room and we can't get him to quiet down, I make his bottle and this keeps him quiet, I went for a SMOKE!!! I know, I know but it probably did more good than harm because I was on the verge of an anxiety attack. When I got back he was still crying and now choking on his gob. This is 30 minutes after he started screaming, another 15 minutes go by and he is still screaming. My back is killing me being 6 months pregnant and rocking a rather heavy baby who won't let me sit down ( I am getting a rocking chair) ans then my sister starts to have her turn so I can sit for a few minutes. Then she starts freaking out telling me to call my friend but I don't want to give up just yet, but she freaks out so I freak out and take the kid and storm out the room with him. My mom hears the commotion and comes to try. It'a now been an hour of uncontrollable screaming and I try phone my friend who I can't get hold of. At this point even my father is in the picture trying to get the baby to calm down and breath. Another half an hour goes by and finally I get hold of my friend to come rescue me from her screaming child. We tried everything, singing, rocking, feeding, tv, music, walking up and down the house, nothing worked. we gave him the pink stuff that was supposed to knock him out, we tried forcing the dummy in his mouth, nothing. 

It was awful, I will never look after somebody else's baby ever again and I am really enjoying being pregnant and Peanut can stay in there as long as he likes if that is what I have to look forward to. Of course as soon as Charlene held her baby he calmed down and I hope that's the case with my baby but it was an experience of note and I didn't even get a shitty diaper. 

We all woke up with what felt like serious hang overs, my mom couldn't move her neck, my sister was as miserable as ever when I woke her up and my back felt like it had a knife wedged in it. Why oh why did I let this happen.

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