Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Shower Madness

I like things big, I like things extreme, I hate settling for less and throwing party's are a love of mine I just can't explain. My baby shower is 100 people and counting because there have been a few more I've decided I want there to share the special day with me. Honestly, the invites are just family and close friends. I didn't want people there I didn't care for. Oh well, here are some things I have to make in the next 6 weeks before the party. I think I'm mad to attempt this challenge seeing as my baby room is still empty, I'm now trying to sort out all legality's and I think the phase "you carrying so small" is going out the window really quickly.

BUNTING.... about 20 - 30m of the stuff

SIGN BOARD, what carnival doesn't have one showing you where the photo booth is

PHOTO - BOOTH....I'm a happy snapper

SEPARATE FOOD STALLS...why I don't know, I'm compulsive like that.

PUNCH...one with extra punch for those who will need it....mom...oh and it has to look this cute

Yes the food will look like this

Lollipop cookies!!

Ice cream sandwich on a stick.

Jello in a citrus peel!

Edible teacups #birthday #babyshower #kids #teaparty

Yes, I am demanding, my mom reminds me of this everyday.


  1. Gosh I just love bunting too! if you do them in the baby room colours you can even use them to decorate his room, too. My mom made me some bunting for my son's first birthday party, and she is going to send it over to me to put up in his room because his walls are looking a little bit bare at the moment.

    Enjoy the party (and all the prep madness leading up to it)! I also love overdoing things at parties, and, well, it really is worth it in the end :)

  2. LOVE THIS!!!

    I am starting on our engagement party - can not wait :)

  3. Your babyshower is going to be so cool!

    You can definitely use the bunting in the baby's room so it won't go to waste. Can't wait to see pics :)