Monday, August 22, 2011

Officially 3rd Trimester

Can you believe I'm already in my final step of pregnancy, it feels like just yesterday that I fell pregnant to begin with. Today I'm feeling quite okay with the fact that I'm about to have a baby, but ask me in an hour and it might be a different response.

I went for my scan on Friday, it was the best one to note. We got the best 4D and you could see his face so clearly. I'm in love. I really am, and it looks like he has my awful little, ski like button nose. D couldn't make it, his house was broken into with his madam inside, I know it's terrible to think and even say out loud, I wasn't really worried or sympathetic for her. So my mommy and little sis came along and they seem just as in love as me.

He weighs 859grams, doc said that's healthy, but then my mom pointed out that took almost 7 months and in the next 3 months he still has at least 2kgs to grow...that means I still have a lot to grow and I'm going to be huge!

We also have to book our bed. This is what I've decided. If I have to be induced, I'm having a C-section. If he can see I'll probably end up having a C-section, I'm having one without going into labour. If my baby is to big or facing the wrong direction, I'm having a C-section. I am praying for a manageable natural but am totally fine with a C-section.

Booking a bed, they want so much info and if you not married they want even more and they make you feel like such a terrible person and because I look so young they really make you feel like a awful little whore. I'm some how still a dependent on my mom's medical aid, so they need all my info and all my mom's info. Then the baby is going under D's medical aid because his company pays so they need all his info but his company only puts baby on when he has a birth certificate and I can't put him on mine coz I'm still a dependent on my parents and I told everybody months ago we were going to have this problem - clearly no one listened and now I have no idea what to do.

Oh and can you believe this, part of the deal with the private clinic I'm going to they supposed to register your baby for you and sort out the birth certificate but because I'm not married they won't. Are we not in the 21st Century where marriage was not a have to.

There is so much to sort out and still do. I think my body had just gone into automatic mode because I'm not stressed at all.


  1. What medical aid is D on? They should cover baby right from the birth and not only when he has a birth certificate :-\.

    Do you want me to put you in touch with a medical aid broker so you can double check?

  2. His company is with Anglo Gold, thanks for the offer, phoning my fathers companies broker today to find out what the normal procedure is.

  3. Well done on the decision! (and i think you've got the best attitude, know what you want but be okay with it not going according to plan).

    The baby really should be able to be registered on the medical aid before the birth, and you have something like a few weeks after the birth to send them through all the info.

    As for not registering for you... yes, it sucks hey? A friend/colleage of mine had the same thing, they weren't married, and he had to mission to home affairs to do the registration himself. On the plus side, alberton home affairs isn't that bad, and I think they issue you the BC straight away. Take your mom along, or even better leave the baby at home (I always find those places are icky. I had to go to the labour dept with my newborn and wanted to bath when I got home)

    (a tip: apply for the unabridged birth cert at the same time - it can take lots of months, and you'll need it for any future visa applications for the little man)

    Oh, and the baby in the hospital will be labeled with your surname, not D's, so the staff can match up baby and mommy. just so you know

    Good luck, and well done! You're doing really really great :)