Friday, August 12, 2011

Pregnancy Yucky's

I'm going to start listing the gross things of pregnancy and funny symptoms and what they really mean when they say tender boobs. Maybe another newly pregnant woman will stumble here and at least know they not dieing or turning into some strange creature.

Here's a few from the last week or two

  • Sore outer ears - no you not weird for thinking your ears hurt from sleeping on them to long, it does happen, I think it's one of those rare symptoms, mine hurt so bad I cry myself back to sleep.

  • Some woman glow and some of us break out in hives/acne/something itchy and awful all over but on your face mostly.

  • I'm 26 weeks and this gross clear liquid just came out of my itchy nipples, I almost fell off my chair at work (I have my own office, so I don't openly look at my nipples)

  • Your once beautiful ankles turn into tree trunks and it is possible to get stuck in your boots.

  • Your tummy itches like a mo-fo (apparently you must NOT scratch because it worsens stretch marks, not to sure what they expect you to do though)

  • If you had a belly ring once upon a time, stuff comes out of there to and the hole turns into a second belly button

  • I really hope you don't have a tattoo on your stomach, my fairy is turning into a over grown troll.

  • Your memory is non existent, write things down and double check when you leave shops that you actually have what you purchased.

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